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Jó and Sharób Packages

In Persian, Jó and Sharób mean barley and wine (respectively). These packages are strictly independent of liquor and offer either all beer packages, all wine packages, or an offering of both. We also can provide options to partner with local breweries and wineries to bring you the best of the region.

SELECT Package

This package is a curation of 6 beer options (Parsa's choice), mixed nuts (barring allergies) or an agreed on bar snack to compliment the beer tasting, plastic pint cups, garbage and removal. Options for bottled, canned, or draught beers can be requested. Amount of beer will vary with guest count.

LOCAL Package

This package is a careful curation with our partnerships with LOCAL breweries. We can provide up to 6 different types of local beers, to include a mixed nut medley, plastic pints, garbage and removal.

Sharób & Jó COMBO Package

This package includes a curation of 4 beer options and 4 wine options. This package can also be made into a LOCAL Package, as well. This option can also become a COMBO PLUS package that includes additional selections of beer and wine, if requested.

***Packages for over 200 guests will be quoted after the initial meeting (phone, in-person, Zoom) to understand size, scope, menu, and other specific needs.

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